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    The pace of change in the energy industry is accelerating. 

    New technologies are being developed and deployed, environmental considerations are paramount, market conditions are more uncertain and volatile, and capital market pressures can be daunting. A challenging environment? Certainly. But one also laden with opportunity for those companies aware of and positioned to take advantage of the changes.


    We offer a range of services to meet clients’ needs in this dynamic environment.

    Our Services

    Economic Analysis

    Asset Valuation

    MJB offers clients expertise in valuing physical and contractual assets over the full chain of production and delivery activities in both regulated and competitive industry segments.

    Financial Modeling

    Our experts assist clients with both simple and advanced bank-ready financial models covering both conventional and renewable energy assets and portfolios.

    Market Modeling

    MJB provides analysis of energy market prices and develops price forecasts. We apply the most appropriate modeling platform for the task at hand, including GE-MAPS, PROMOD, Aurora or others.

    Economic Modeling

    Our team has built a variety of custom models for our clients to solve specific analysis challenges involving operations, markets, assets, regulation and development projects.

    Strategic Analysis

    Corporate & Business Unit

    MJB positions management for success in the face of strategic challenges arising from market and technological forces or imposed by legislative or regulatory mandate.

    City and Municipal

    Our team has worked with cities and municipalities with infrastructure and energy strategy development and review. Our expertise in the urban energy environment covers all aspects of the demand and supply equation.


    MJB helps clients effectively anticipate and respond to regulatory demands through expert testimony, analytical support, audit preparation, and rate case management.

    Asset Management

    We advise clients on all aspects of asset and portfolio management for both T&D and generation assets. Our economic and strategic analysis tools combine to support optimal asset management decisions.

    Operations Analysis

    Organizational Design

    MJB offers experienced insight into the organizational requirements—e.g., sizing, resources, sufficient lines of communication—necessary to attain operational goals at both scale and optimal efficiency.

    Operations Improvement

    Our firm has provided an informed view into the most efficient allocation of organizational resources in order to attain or exceed operational goals.


    MJB facilitates management decision-making and program implementation via unparalleled access to industry best practices in order to effect optimal performance in response to a variety of market, regulatory, and legislative industry pressures.

    Project Management

    We provide client senior management with on-site visibility and fundamental insights to support the implementation of corporate-wide changes, large and small, within a variety of budget and timeline constraints.

    More about MJB

    We encourage you to download the MJB Services Brochure, which contains additional detail on our specific services.