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Jim Wittine


Jim Wittine has extensive electric utility experience having worked for two electric utilities, two utility consulting firms, a state regulatory agency and the US Navy. As General Director of Public Utilities at the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) Jim directed and oversaw all regulatory activities such as rate case reviews including the development and presentation of direct and rebuttal testimony.  As General Manager of Regulatory Practice at Delmarva Power and Light Company Jim was responsible for the preparation of all rate case and fuel adjustment proceedings as well as the development of position white papers on various state and federal initiatives.  As General Manager of System Operations Jim was responsible for the operation of the Energy Control System and coordination of service restoration efforts.  As a Principal at Navigant Consulting Jim worked on numerous assignments for LIPA including the development of the generation bidding protocol in the NYISO energy and capacity markets.  As a Director of Planning at LIPA Jim was involved in numerous activities including the development of LIPA’s long-term Energy Plan, the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of competitively procured PPA’s and contract management.  As manager of Planning at PSEG LI Jim had a lead role in strategic planning, specifically the development of LIPA’s Integrated Resource Plan, which addressed long-term On-Island capacity needs, repowering of certain steam units, need for additional combined cycle capacity, and the potential injection of large offshore wind projects into LI.  As Senior Advisor at M. J. Beck Consulting, Jim is currently engaged with PSEG LI providing support services to its Power Markets group on a variety of strategic activities, as well as varied policy and market issues.

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