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Bob Kendall


Bob has over 45 years’ experience in the electric utilities industry focusing on the procurement of new electrical energy sources and transmission for utilities and negotiating the contracts to bring those resources into fruition.  He has designed, conducted, evaluated, and obtained approvals of competitive procurements for entities purchasing generation using all forms of renewable energy and fossil fuels as well as energy storage projects as well as on-land transmission and undersea HVDC cables.  Bob has also testified as an expert witness numerous times before international, federal, and state tribunals and before state regulatory commissions on regulatory economics, planning, electric utility operations, procurements, power contracts, and other topics.  Bob also is an instructor for the Western Energy Institute for which he teaches classes on Electric Utility Fundamentals & Emerging Issues.  Bob has a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California, and a J.D. from Southwestern University in Los Angeles.  He is a member of the California Bar Association.

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